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To survive, any business or corporation must be useful to the society it serves.

Oscar M. Lopez
Chairman, Lopez Group Foundation, Inc.


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MANILA - The Eva Macapagal Terminal quarantine facility at Manila's Pier 15 is now at almost full capacity, the government agency overseeing its operation said Thursday.
Lopez majority-owned Energy Development Corporation (EDC) garnered “Bronze” recognition under the Carbon Disclosure category of the 5th Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards (ASRA), which is famed as the most prestigious award-giving body on reporting.
MANILA - (UPDATE) The coronavirus disease treatment center inside Pier 15 at the Manila South Harbor will open on Tuesday to accommodate about 211 cubicles, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) said Monday.
MANILA - Frontliners of The Medical City (TMC) may now use the MetroTent Convention Center in Pasig as a temporary home for free as they battle the COVID-19 pandemic, former Ilocos Sur Gov.
MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Transportation on Friday said that a P100 million donation by the Lopez Group of Companies will help fund its COVID-19 containment efforts, especially the maritime sector’s operation of quarantine ships and terminals.
She could hardly contain her joy and excitement when she saw her son walking towards her. She welcomed him with tight hugs and happy tears as a loving mother would.
ABS-CBN helps arm Filipinos with relevant information to stop the spread of disease through its “Ligtas Pilipinas sa COVID-19” campaign on radio, TV and online.

First Gen intensifies call on firms toward GDP-to-CO2 decoupling

Mar 05, 2020
Created by
Myrna M. Velasco

20200305 first gen intensifies call on firms toward gdp to co2 decoupling 01 

Touting climate science as the linchpin, Federico R. Lopez, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of First Gen Corporation has stepped up his call on counterpart corporates as well as government leaders and consumers to pursue shifts in strategies toward decoupling growth in the gross domestic product (GDP) vis-à-vis the country’s carbon emissions.

Lopez said he is batting for a paradigm shift “in the way people think and behave” in order to keep in check the continuing temperature rise that could push planet Earth to crumble if not abated. “We can no longer measure our success purely by bottom line growth and shareholder value,” he stressed, while emphasizing that “my own measure of success will be judged by how well we can aid the decoupling of GDP growth from carbon emissions.”

He added “the climate crisis we face today is a golden opportunity for humanity to re-examine our way of thinking and begin rewriting the rules of how our world works…in short, everything must change. We are living through what will be history’s greatest paradigm shift. We no longer have a choice.”

Primarily, Lopez is practicing what he preaches as it was him who initiated the call for the entire Lopez group to patronize only clean technology sources not just on their portfolio of investments, but also in energy usage of various subsidiaries and affiliate-companies.

“I believe it will be the role of businesses like ours to go beyond sustainability and into discovering creative new ways to improve and regenerate everything we touch,” he declared, adding that such chain must include customers, the company’s co-creators like employees, suppliers and contractors as well as shareholders and other stakeholders.

“I believe it will be the role of businesses like ours to go beyond sustainability and into discovering creative new ways to improve and regenerate everything we touch,” he declared, adding that such chain must include customers, the company’s co-creators like employees, suppliers and contractors as well as shareholders and other stakeholders.

Lopez expounded “every decision we make must consider the betterment of all stakeholders in that order,” as he noted that “it no longer works the other way around if you consider shareholders the priority.’ He similarly contended that if a company has enlightened shareholders, they would be able to “realize that there are no jobs, profits or even remnants of shareholder value on a dead planet.”

To date, the Lopez group’s investments in the energy sector comprise of gas and renewable energy technologies, such as solar, wind, hydro and geothermal.

Lopez acknowledged that ‘intermittency’ remains a dilemma for RE sources like solar and wind, although that could eventually be underpinned by large-scale battery systems.

But while the energy transition does not posit commercial availability of such battery storage yet, he said their gas generating fleets could be the ‘bridge solution’ to that given the very fast ramp-up that the technology provides so it can plug gaps in any sudden fluctuation in the generation of solar and wind

“While large scale battery systems remain uneconomical in solving the intermittency of RE plants, First Gen’s natural gas-fired power plants will remain the ‘best alternative’ because of their fast ramp-up capability,” Lopez stressed.

Nevertheless, he indicated that gas is still fossil fuel-based with sizeable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (albeit way lower than coal and other fossil fuels), hence, Lopez noted that in time, they would also be “phased down and phased out as soon as the renewables-batteries combinations becomes economically feasible.”

The other option for gas, he said, is for these plants to be “powered by much cleaner hydrogen in the future when and if this becomes possible.”