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To survive, any business or corporation must be useful to the society it serves.

Oscar M. Lopez
Chairman, Lopez Group Foundation, Inc.


Latest CSR Stories

The Lopez Group, through First Philippine Holdings Corporation, First Gen Corporation and First Balfour, provided tents, bedding and “convalets” (containerized toilets) for hundreds of locally stranded individuals (LSIs) camping out at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).
Energy Development Corporation (EDC) extended assistance to a fourth-class municipality in the province of Samar affected by the crisis caused by COVID-19.
KCFI is also a consistent partner of DepEd in the latter’s Brigada Eskwela initiative, where the private sector is invited to help public schools prepare for the coming school year.
As the government shifts to distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Knowledge Channel is ready to share its video lessons that could reach as many as 7.
Even with the shutdown of ABS-CBN, the Lopez Group continues to be in the service of the Filipinos.
LOOK ALL MADE BY HAND. Cirila Miranda is our artisan in far distant barangay in Calaya, Guimaras Island.
Today was a good day. The Lopez Group Foundation Inc. (“LGFI”) facilitated the distribution of hygiene kits for the UP Ikot jeepney drivers.
Father Luis Eduardo F. Zapata from the Dioses of Our Lady of Luhan in Caloocan reached out to the Lopez Group Foundation, Inc.
The Lopez Group Foundation Inc. (“LGFI”) extends its generous heart to our Persons with Disabilities (“PWDs”) at Tahanan Walang Hagdanan (“TWH”).
Another day of extending assistance to beleaguered jeepney drivers plying the UP Ikot route. Seems that they might be allowed to operate soon but with massive challenges: only 3 jeep a day will be allowed to ply the route with their jeepneys retrofitted for social distancing ( which will just allow for 5 passengers at a given time).
A blessed Sunday highlighted by food distribution to UP Ikot jeepney drivers and surrounding communities.
The impending transfer of the Lopez Museum and Library to Makati is getting researchers all jittery.
One of the toughest challenges one can experience during this COVID-19 pandemic is being stranded and locked down in a distant province away from home.
A virtual send-off via Zoom was held last Friday, 29 May 2020, for First Gen’s 21 senior high school scholars who graduated from AMA Computer College and First Industrial Science & Technology (FIRST) School.
MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine General Hospital (PGH) has accepted an offer from the Lopez Group to help the state university hospital increase 10 times its capability to test for the virus SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of the dreaded coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
The “Pantawid ng Pag-ibig” campaign of ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. (AFI) has raised P350 million in cash donations and pledges for the benefit of over 600,000 families in Metro Manila and nearby provinces affected by the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).
Here are a few stories of how companies and individuals did their share in reaching out to those in need during these pandemic times.
The Rural Workers Association of San Rafael (RWASR) based in Bulusan, Sorsogon, which runs Nasipit Eco-Agri Farm, has a simple message for their fellow Filipinos: “There is no problem we cannot overcome, so long as we continue to work together.
The biggest classroom on air continues with the “Stay at Home, Learn at Home” campaign to help keep children learning safely at home.
No kind is left behind in EDC’s mission to build a clean energy future. EDC powers and protects people and planet, striking the right balance between energy, biodiversity, and community.

COVID-19 and your eyes

May 20, 2020
Created by
Lopez Group Foundation

20200520 covid 19 and your eyes 01

There is a lot that remains unknown about COVID-19, particularly about why it affects some people more seriously than others. However, like any virus, it mainly spreads through droplets from a cough or a sneeze, and can enter through your eyes, nose and mouth. You can also get it if you touch an object or surface with virus on it, then touch your eyes, nose or mouth.

COVID-19 is often characterized by fever, coughing, breathing problems and diarrhea. These are symptoms of more common conditions like the flu, which is why many people who contracted the virus initially assumed it was just a simple cold. Several reports showed that while it is considered a less common symptom, this virus can also cause conjunctivitis.

Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye or sore eyes, is the swelling of the conjunctiva or the clear, thin lining on the white part of the eye. It is a common eye condition where you may experience eye redness, itching, swelling, excessive tearing and discharge. Depending on the cause—whether it’s due to an allergy, bacteria or a virus—it can be treated with medication and typically resolves within a few days.

Preventing the Spread

With the enhanced community quarantine implemented across many cities in the Philippines, there are some ways to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Wash your hands frequently using proper handwashing technique for at least 20 seconds.
  • Guard your eyes, mouth and nose by using face masks and face shields. More importantly, resist the urge to touch your face.
  • If you wear contact lenses, switch to wearing eyeglasses for the meantime. Eyeglasses can provide a layer of protection and can actually stop you from touching your face or eyes as often as you usually would if you were wearing contact lenses. If you need to wear contact lenses, be sure to follow directions for contact lens care.
  • If you have eye redness coupled with flu-like symptoms, it’s best to call the COVID-19 hotline of your company or community for assistance. But if your eyes are red, itchy or if you have other eye problems that are bothering you, it is still better to consult with an eye doctor.

‘Teletriage,’ delivery services

Asian Eye is offering a free “teletriage” service that allows you to talk to an eye specialist and ask about your eye concern, get advice on proper management or treatment of your eye condition and get an e-prescription, if necessary.

You can also order your eye care essentials through Asian Eye’s delivery service. Products offered include contact lenses, contact lens solutions, prescription eye drops, eye lubricants, eye vitamins, anti-fatigue eye drops or lens wipes. Goggles with reading glass attachments will also soon be available. Payments can be transferred through BPI online or through other service providers like GCash, PayMaya or UnionBank.

Would you like to talk to your Asian Eye doctor or order your eye care essentials? You may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 0920-9748874 or 0917-8223753 or visit www.asianeyeinstitute.com.